Environmentally friendly production: We consciously design our production processes to be environmentally friendly. We minimise our ecological footprint through the targeted use of sustainable materials, raw materials and efficient manufacturing methods. The use of recyclable and biodegradable materials is at the heart of our commitment to a closed cycle and the reduction of waste. To this end, we have integrated a certified environmental management system in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 as well as the FSC and PEFC standards.

Energy efficiency and emission reduction: Continuous investment in innovative technologies and optimised processes form the basis of our current energy efficiency. For an intact environment, we focus on CO2 neutrality in our production processes. Our self-sufficiency is above average due to the technologies we use. We utilise photovoltaics, geothermal energy and heat recovery systems. Our project and investment plans are part of our sustainability strategy - we have integrated a certified energy management system in accordance with DIN ISO 50001. With regard to our CO2 emissions, we compile a verified greenhouse gas balance in accordance with DIN ISO 14064 and define targets for the further reduction of GHG emissions for our company.

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